Accelerating the transition
to a greener, stronger economy

The Green Investment Bank has joined forces with the world’s largest infrastructure investor.

The new, fully integrated, business brings together the Green Investment Bank and Macquarie Capital’s renewable team to create one of the world's largest team of specialist investors.

The business, which is anchored in the UK, has now been renamed Green Investment Group (GIG) to enable its international expansion.

The Green Investment Bank was the first institution of its type in the world. A pioneering business – created and initially capitalised by the UK Government – it is at the forefront of a growing network of specialist green investors across the world. Green Investment Group continues to have a strong relationship with the UK Government, making investments in developing economies and managing assets in the UK on its behalf.

Macquarie is the world’s largest infrastructure investor with a global platform and a long and innovative track record of investing in renewables.

Together, we are specialists in green energy principal investment, project delivery and portfolio management and related services. Our unparalleled track record, expertise and capability make us a global leader in green investment, dedicated to supporting the growth of the global green economy.

Download the GIG Progress Report 2018/19:

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Download the GIG Progress Report 2017/18:

progress report oct 2018

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