The opportunity to save money with a battery-enabled power purchase agreement (PPA)

A battery-enabled PPA allows you to reduce your electricity bill by taking you ‘off grid’ during expensive peak hours. With a 10-15 year PPA, you could save 30-50% on your peak-time energy bill and help protect yourself from future price rises.

Around a third of your electricity bill currently goes to pay for transmission, distribution and other charges, with the majority of these applied during peak hours. As a result, peak-hour costs can be 4-5 times higher than off-peak. These charges have grown faster than inflation and this trend is forecast to continue. With a 10-15 year PPA, you could save 30-50% on your peak-time energy bill and protect yourself from future price rises.

How it works

A battery is installed on your premises. We pay to install, own, maintain and run it. You have no upfront costs and are protected against any technology risk. During off-peak hours you continue to buy electricity from your existing supplier. During peak hours we sell you power, through a PPA, at a fixed price, below what you are paying today. We do this by charging the battery overnight when power is cheapest and discharging the battery to you during peak hours.

The benefits to your business

  • Potential peak cost savings of 30-50%
  • No capital costs
  • Protection against rising prices
  • No technology or maintenance risk
  • Resilience to power disruption
  • Quick and easy site installation
  • Simple legal documentation
  • No changes to existing operations
  • No ongoing costs

Harry Vickers

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Harry Vickers

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