Accelerating America’s green transition

12 September 2019

Across the varying US energy markets, the falling costs of renewables paired with the retirement of older, conventional generation is creating huge opportunities for the rapid development of green power generation assets.  At the same time, organisations and individuals alike are increasingly seeking low-carbon energy solutions.

On our mission to accelerate the transition to a greener global economy, we are currently developing over 100 solar projects across 26 different states in the US, with a total capacity of over 12 GW. These projects will not only help to mitigate climate change through the decarbonization of the US energy mix, they will also create thousands of jobs - powering local economies and the green transition simultaneously.

Earlier this year we asked leaders in the US green economy sector to share their thoughts on some of the most pressing actions, exciting aspects and the risks and challenges we need to overcome in the US transition.  Watch below to hear their thoughts.


The priority actions necessary to help accelerate the green transition in America.

"I think making energy efficiency a top priority is critical to achieving 100% renewable energy in the future."

Mario Maselli

The most exciting aspects of the green transition over the coming decade.

New technologies, electrification and a new era of customer-centric products are just some of the exciting developments.

"The almost unlimited potential for solar in the United States."

Brian Kunz

The risks and challenges we need to overcome to ensure an effective green energy transition.

See what could hold up the transition.

"The biggest risk is not moving fast enough."

Kiran Bhatraju

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