Bright green tree and it's reflection in a corporate building
Bright green tree and it's reflection in a corporate building

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Net zero

Our commitment to a net zero future

Our mission is fully aligned with a commitment to help the world reach net zero.

Since our inception in 2012, we have committed or arranged over £20 billion1 in over 150 green projects globally, which will collectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 200 million tonnes CO2e over their lifetime.

We operate within a corporate governance framework which requires all GIG investments to be aligned with our mission and to contribute to specific green objectives, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. These green objectives are enshrined in our company constitution. For the past eight years we have reported annually on our green impact to ensure transparency.

GIG only invests in projects and technologies designed to accelerate the green transition and achieve positive environmental outcomes. Our current portfolio includes a range of established and emerging technologies such as onshore and offshore wind, solar, waste to energy, hydrogen and storage.

We recognise that although these projects are designed to accelerate the transition, they also produce residual greenhouse gas emissions resulting from equipment manufacturing, construction, operations and decommissioning activities. We are actively working with our partners, clients, and the wider industry, to reduce these residual emissions.

Therefore, building on our leadership in green investing and impact reporting, GIG is committing to the following net zero aligned actions:

  • By 2025 – reaching net zero operational emissions. This is part of a wider Macquarie Group commitment under its 2025 Sustainability Plan.
  • By 2030 – achieving net zero emissions from financing activities associated with renewable energy generation projects.
  • By 2050 – aligning the emissions of financing activities designed to decarbonise high emission and non-renewable energy sectors with net zero.

In line with our mission, and as the world’s transition to net zero takes shape, we will continue to evolve our approach to accelerating that transition. This means investing in new technologies and offering new services, especially where we can help clients and partners in high emission sectors to decarbonise.

From 2021 onwards, our Progress Report will contain a section detailing our net zero plan, which will include the development of long-term and interim science-based targets. In addition to our ongoing reporting of how our investments will reduce GHG emissions, we will also provide estimates of their respective projected lifetime carbon emissions.

Our approach and target dates will be reviewed regularly to ensure they remain aligned to the most recent climate science and global policy requirements.

Our commitment supports Macquarie Group's statement on net zero. Read the Macquarie Group statement.

Our net zero update for the financial year 2022 is provided in the standalone GIG Financed Emissions report. Read our GIG Financed Emissions report.

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1.  Includes activities from 2012 to 31st March 2022