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Who we are

Measuring our impact

Our impact

As a mission driven organisation, we measure and report on the positive green impact of our investments and activities with rigour and transparency.

Our green investment policy and principles drive every investment and development decision, ensuring our activities always align with our mission. We then assess, monitor and report the green impact of all our projects.

£26+ billion

committed or arranged

212 MtCO2e greenhouse gas emissions avoidance

equivalent to removing 3 million cars from the road​

590,318 GWh renewable energy generation

equivalent to meeting the electricity needs of over 5 million homes

What is green impact?

Our definition of 'green impact' relates to the positive contribution to five specific measures. We call them our 'Green Purposes': Every investment we make must contribute to at least one of our purposes and many contribute to more than one. More detail can be found in our policies and principles below.


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


Increase natural resource efficiency


Protect or enhance the natural environment


Protect or enhance biodiversity


Promote environmental sustainability

Policies and principles

Green Investment Principles

Our Green Investment Principles set the benchmark for assessing and managing the green impact of investment transactions and related activity.

Green Investment Policy

Our Green Investment Policy is designed to ensure that the activities of the Green Investment Group and its subsidiaries are in line with our Green Investment Principles.

Green Impact Reporting Criteria

Our Green Impact Reporting Criteria sets out how we calculate the green impact of our investments and activities.

How we assess, monitor and report on green impact

Every GIG investment is subject to a robust green impact assessment process before it can be approved. When we began back in 2012, there wasn’t a methodology with sufficient academic and scientific rigour that could be applied pragmatically, day-in and day-out, through a commercial investment process. So we built our own.

Our approach is designed for investors, by investors. Every investment is subject to this robust, detailed and continuous green impact monitoring, spanning all aspects of its green performance. An overview of our methodology and measurement to report on green impact can be found in our Guide to the Green Investment Handbook.

Download our Guide to the Green Investment Handbook

Our commitment to continuous improvement and standardised measurement

Currently, there is no one standardised approach to green impact assessment, monitoring or reporting. We are committed to ensuring our approach is at the forefront of market practice by adopting to the continuous improvement of standards and actively engaging with a wide range of stakeholders on our approach.

Harmonization of Standards for GHG accounting

Our Green Impact Team are committed to continue working alongside the UNFCCC on creating harmonised standards for greenhouse gas reporting.

British Standards Institution (BSI)

We are building on our pioneering origins in green finance by supporting the development of international standards for sustainable finance – in partnership with BSI, we provide expertise on global green bond and loan standardisation and contribute to the development of UK sustainable finance standards.

Sustainable Infrastructure (SI) Label

FAST-Infra — the ‘Finance to Accelerate the Sustainable Transition-Infrastructure’ initiative – focuses on accelerating investment in sustainable infrastructure. 

GIG is co-chair of the SI label working group which is developing a globally applicable label for SI assets to provide coherency for market participants, facilitate investment decisions and raise standards across the globe.

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Solar panels in Sanlucar la Mayor near Seville, Andalucia, Spain.
Solar panels in Sanlucar la Mayor near Seville, Andalucia, Spain.

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