Driving the growth of clean energy in the US

11 June 2020

Technology, government policy and market variances, are just some of the many factors playing a role in the adoption of green energy in the US. Listen to Chris Archer, GIG’s Head of Americas, discuss some of these with Jon Powers on Clean Capital’s Experts Only podcast.

Chris shares insights on his experience in infrastructure and renewable energy investing, explores opportunities for the continued growth of green energy in the US, and unpicks some of the complex challenges facing investors in the sector.

"One of the reasons I moved away from big government infrastructure projects towards renewables, was the renewables market was, at that time, a bit more entrepreneurial and more driven by market forces.” 

Chris Archer
Head of Green Investment Group, Americas

Clean Capital’s Experts Only podcast explores the intersection of energy, innovation and finance.

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*This episode of Experts Only was recorded on April 24, 2020. All predictions and/or comments were made at the time of recording.

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