Two wind turbines on a grey sky and dry grass
Two wind turbines on a grey sky and dry grass


Green energy evolution and opportunity in the Asia Pacific

18 December 2020

With its vast landmass and relatively small consumer market, Australia’s renewable energy market calls for bespoke, best practice solutions to accelerate the transition to a greener global economy. Whereas, in Asia – an accelerated energy transition is a necessity for millions of consumers needing access to reliable energy.

Green Investment Group’s Ivan Varughese speaks with Aurora about the differing growth opportunities in the Australian and Asian renewable energy markets, investor perspectives, and the increasing value of flexibility for energy providers and consumers alike.

“There are growing pains with how we actually adapt to and facilitate this transition – from what was previously controllable baseload and largely fossil fuel – to something that is both decarbonised and decentralised.”

Ivan Varughese
Head of Green Investment Group, Asia Pacific

Energy Unplugged by Aurora is a mix of in-depth conversations with key international industry leaders, policy-makers and academics, exploring the hottest topics across the energy market.

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*This episode of Energy Unplugged was recorded on October 29, 2020. All predictions and/or comments were made at the time of recording.

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