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Green Talks: Skye d'Almeida with Climate Interactive

25 September 2020

Green Talks is a series of short, expert-led conversations that examines the roles of corporates, consumers, utilities and investors in the green transition. The series is designed to explore the technologies, policies, actions and work required over the course of the next decade to accelerate our green transition.

In this episode, Skye d’Almeida, Senior Vice President at the Green Investment Group sits down with Andrew Jones of Climate Interactive to explore “En-ROADS,” a transparent, freely-available climate change simulator that provides policymakers, educators, businesses, the media, and the public with the ability to explore how changes in the energy, economic and public policy system could affect greenhouse gas emissions and climate.

“The simulator shows us that investing in renewables and other green technologies is critical in getting us towards the Paris Agreement. However, there is no single solution. We need global action across all parts of our economy – and quickly. The good news is the solutions exist and there’s a rapidly growing pool of private capital ready to invest”

Skye d'Almeida
Senior Vice President

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