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Green Talks: Investing in green hydrogen

17 May 2021

In this episode of Green Talks, Joanne Spillane, Head of Private Capital Markets at Macquarie Capital sits down with Alexandra Nilsson, Senior Vice President at GIG to discuss the emerging market themes for green hydrogen, the requirements for a successful project and the opportunities and challenges for those looking to invest in a hydrogen-powered future.

Green Talks is a series of short, expert-led conversations that examines the roles of corporates, consumers, utilities and investors in the green transition. The series is designed to explore the technologies, policies, actions and work required over the course of the next decade to accelerate our green transition.

“Our mission is to accelerate the energy transition, and renewable hydrogen is likely to be a fundamental step in this. If we want to be a leader in decarbonisation efforts, we needed to commit resources and time at an early stage.”

Alexandra Nilsson
Senior Vice President

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