Waste to energy facility under construction
Waste to energy facility under construction

Waste and bioenergy

Helping to build a greener Northern Ireland

03 October 2016

In Belfast’s harbour a new £100m+ waste management facility is under construction. The project will use local waste and the latest gasification technology to produce heat and electricity for the nearby Bombardier manufacturing plant. This is one of 9 green infrastructure projects worth a total of £230m backed by GIB in Northern Ireland, supporting local businesses and the economy.

Investment impact

155,000 households

The plant is set to be Northern Ireland’s biggest energy from waste facility, using waste from 155,000 Northern Irish households to generate enough green energy to power 14,500 homes. 

250 jobs

The facility will create up to 250 jobs during construction and 20 new jobs to manage the plant for the lifetime of its operations.

20 years

The plant is located next to Bombardier’s Wing facility and will provide the company with a predictable energy source for the next 20 years. 

190,000 tonnes

This is one of 9 projects that GIB has invested in the region, which together are expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 190,000 tonnes annually – equivalent to removing 90% of the cars registered in Northern Ireland. 

The facility will produce over 100,000MW of energy each year helping Northern Ireland towards its renewable energy targets.


The Full Circle Generation energy from waste facility is being constructed by Bouygues Energies and Services, which expects the plant to be fully operational by late 2017.

We have invested in the 14.85 MW plant as part of a joint venture with developer RiverRidge Energy Limited, Equitix and P3P Partners.


You can find out more about the Full Circle Generation project by downloading the brochure.


GIG is no longer involved in this project. This case study and the data within it were accurate at time of publish.

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