Enterprise Bill overcomes final legislative hurdle

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20 April 2016

Yesterday (19 April), the House of Lords passed the legislation which the UK Government required to proceed with the privatisation of the UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB). This was the final stage of the Enterprise Bill’s parliamentary passage prior to it receiving Royal Assent.


"This is an important milestone in progressing towards GIB’s capital raising, change of ownership and transfer into the private sector. That process is now underway.   
One important outcome of the Parliamentary process is that the UK Government has authorised GIB to create a ‘Special Share’ to protect GIB’s green mission. We have made good progress with this and have already amended GIB’s articles of association to allow for the creation of the Special Share, a new Special Shareholder company has been incorporated and an independent nominations committee has been identified to find permanent trustees for the new body.
I am particularly pleased that the Bank’s green mission will continue to be protected through the creation of the special share.  I thank members of the House of Lords and House of Commons, as well as Government and the wider stakeholder community, for their support in this."

Lord Smith of Kelvin
Chair of GIB


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