Progress Report 2022

Focus on work health and safety (WHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG)

At GIG, we understand that a strong focus on work health and safety (WHS) and environmental, social and governance (ESG) adds value to our clients, stakeholders, and society, that goes beyond sound risk management.

A robust WHS and ESG culture

Our objective is to engage, empower and ensure a robust WHS and ESG culture, and we aspire to positively influence WHS and ESG practices at our assets through the people, partners, companies and communities with which we work.


  • We engage with relevant stakeholders to identify opportunities to reduce WHS and ESG risk at the source and to enhance management approaches.

  • We remain relevant to business needs, aligning WHS and ESG goals with business strategies.


  • We empower WHS and ESG leadership with integrity, influencing internal and external stakeholders to uphold the standards we set.

  • We empower our workers, contractors and subcontractors with the ability to speak up or stop work whenever they feel unsafe. 


  • We ensure accountability through a clear statement of commitments and a robust framework of governance.

  • We take responsibility for the safety of our workforce and require our contractors and subcontractors to do the same.

Focus on work health and safety 

Working with the broader Macquarie Group, we have refreshed our Safety Alignment Framework to ensure it is fit for our new role as a fiduciary asset manager. GIG has adopted MAM’s Integrated Management System, which further embeds health and safety activities into a “business as usual” approach. We also continue to maintain a strong focus on early-stage planning through robust due diligence, investment governance, hazard identification, appropriate resourcing, performance monitoring and incident management. 

Our work health and safety programme follows a multi-pronged approach focused on six key areas: governance, communication, resourcing, community, reporting and technology enablement.

Focus on environmental, social and governance

GIG’s approach to environmental and social responsibility is governed by MAM’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework, which is aligned to the Macquarie Group Environmental and Social Risk (ESR) policy. This policy establishes the processes for identifying, assessing, managing, mitigating and reporting material environmental and social risks. We report directly to the Macquarie Board on compliance with the Macquarie ESR Policy and other Macquarie requirements. ESR matters are supported by Macquarie’s Risk Management Group Environmental and Social Risk team, who assist our teams to identify and manage environmental and social risk. 

Our supply chain

Through our WHS and ESG programme we support our development teams in applying responsible criteria to their supplier selection and procurement activities. GIG takes the reports of human rights abuses and recent allegations associated with polysilicon manufacturing in Xinjiang seriously. We have enhanced our due diligence process for supplier contracts to understand this very complex matter. Our enhanced due diligence includes traceability studies, social audits, reporting and escalation procedures, and ongoing monitoring.